The Certified Difference

Advanced Motor Works of Palo Alto California, is an accredited automotive repair service station. Our shop has undergone all the necessary training’s and has received the regulated certifications required to establish ourselves as a credible service station. As a shop genuinely committed to providing the highest standards of service excellence, our service technicians regularly complete training’s on the latest technologies and industry improvements that are vital in keeping our services up-to-date. At our shop, you will truly discover a refreshing difference with a staff that is both knowledgeable and experienced as they are friendly and very willing to assist you with your vehicle service needs. Come see us today!

ASE Certified

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) In 1972, ASE was created with the primary purpose of assisting consumers in determining whether or not a mechanic was genuinely qualified to provide automotive repair service. This is achieved through a series of structured testing and certification. ASE’s ultimate and fundamental goal is to improve the services offered by mechanics to consumers.  Advanced Motor Works of Palo Alto is an ASE Certified repair shop.

BOSCH Certified

BOSCH Automotive (The BOSCH Group) All genuine BOSH service centers must first pass a rigorous evaluation process prior to being accepted to the program. Upon acceptance, frequent inspections are conducted to ensure that the high BOSCH standards are being maintained. This ensures that customers receive reliable repair, maintenance, and exemplary customer service at authentic BOSCH service centers.  Advanced Motor Works of Palo Alto is a BOSCH certified service center.

ASCCA Member

Automotive Service Council of California (ASCCA) The ASCCA was comprised with the vital mission to help elevate the standards and quality of practice of automotive service technicians in addition to ensuring that the rights of the consumer are met. An ASCCA member must abide by a strict professional [+] code of ethics designed to “promote good will between motorist and the industry”. Advanced Motor Works is an ASCCA member.